Work at Heights

Worker authorized for Work at Heights and use of fall arrest systems.

The objective of this course is to provide workers with the theoretical and practical knowledge that will allow them to them to carry out works at heights safely.

They will be able to recognize the typologies and characteristics of works at heights, as well as the main hazards and risks associated with the job, and to plan and manage appropriate fall-arrest devices and systems.

Participants will be able to access, progress and position correctly in structures, using the appropriate personal protective equipment, knowing the procedures, requirements, duties and responsibilities of all those involved, as well as the contingency plans and internal protocols.


One full 8 hour days. It starts at 9.00 and ends approximately at 17.00. Includes breakfast and lunch service.


  • Informative digital notebook and pen. 
  • Slides projected in the classroom. 
  • Tower and fixed ladder for practices in the Training Center. 
  • Fall arrest systems and devices. 

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